Our Story

Some of the best success stories are born out of the adversity faced by those at the center of the problem they simply have to solve. Which is exactly the case with regards to how Bare Naked Skin came into existence. Bare Naked Skin was founded in 2010, as the brainchild of sisters, Charlene & Serena Hinds. After experiencing a frustrating up-and-down ride, we realised we would have to create something ourselves. On our quest to finally get rid of our severe allergic reaction problem of hives (Urticaria), we tried blood tests, medication and creams. We still couldn't find anything that worked on the market. So we had to create something which works! That's how Bare Naked Skin was born as a symbol of the human spirit prevailing to revolutionize an entire industry, and now we can extend that breakthrough to the public at large, offering our customers products we use ourselves and are proud of in every sense.

Leading up to the discovery and subsequent refinement of a natural skin care product that totalIy annihilates hives, we went through a very emotional and frustrating journey with some of the products and remedies available on the market serving only to add to all the frustration. Breakouts would occur at any moment without warning and whatever little hope that a recently used product or remedy may have worked lead to nothing but bitter disappointment.

The turning point to help us past this ordeal finally came when our dear mother came home one day with a bottle of fresh, pure coconut oil. This was naturally quite intriguing as a solution to our severe skin products since we'd never before made use of anything like coconut oil as a possible skin disorder treatment.

We loved the texture and purity of the oil, as well as the way it made our skin look and feel. Subsequently, some extensive research went into the ingredients used in skin care products and we shockingly discovered that synthetic ingredients are a major cause of severe allergic reactions, which can result in Urticaria. That's when it finally dawned on us, as clear as daylight (and our skin), that natural ingredients should make for the major constituents in any skin care products that are safe & effective.


That is the fundamental principle on which Bare Naked Skin operates and, since making the switch from chemically-laced products to natural, organic skin care, we have never looked back. Our skin has sincerely thanked us, returning the favor with a constant glow and very healthy appearance. Urticaria is thankfully gone forever and our promise is to provide skin care products that are fresh, clean and wholesome. We never compromise in quality and integrity and our customers' health and well-being are always at the forefront of our minds. This is how we can take care of your skincare needs and keep you looking and feeling healthy and wholesome. All the time.

"Bare Naked Skin is all about you, our beloved customers, and we present to you a collection of the healthiest and most wholesome products."